Jen Dillon Reflexology and Complementary Therapy
in West Wickham, Bromley

What to expect from your reflexology treatment.

You are welcomed into my cosy cabin in the garden.

At your first session, I will go through a consultation form with you. It includes questions about any health issues, medications, diet and lifestyle, and the reason for your visit. This allows me to adapt the treatment to your specific needs.

The room is atmospheric, with candles lit and gentle music, to help you relax. If you prefer no music, you can simply listen to the beautiful birdsong from outside in the garden and the fields and woodland beyond.

You remain clothed throughout the treatment, but remove your shoes and socks. Loose clothing is recommended - it is more comfortable and allows me to massage your feet and leg area from the knees down more easily.

I cover you with a warm blanket, as you lay in a relaxing position on the treatment couch. Close your eyes and drift off, if you wish - it is very common for people to fall asleep during a treatment.

Oil is massaged into your feet and calves to allow my movement over your feet to glide easily. Each foot is 'warmed up' with gentle movements. Then, tailored to your needs, specific points on each foot are stimulated with gentle, but firm, pressure throughout the treatment.

Towards the end of the treatment, I ask you to take three deep breaths, as you naturally 'come round' from your treatment. I offer you some water and let you know of any areas of sensitivity I found during the treatment. We discuss the possible reasons for this, and any changes you may want to make. I will answer any questions you may have.

The treatment is over, and I hope that you leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to face the week ahead.

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